Fotopub Project Space is set in an abandoned Petrol gas station that had been designed as part of a comprehensive project to develop the northern entry to the Ljubljana city center. It was built in 1968 and designed by architect Milan Mihelič (1925-2021), recipient of the Prešeren Award, the highest decoration in the field of artistic creation in Slovenia. Since the first presentation of the gas station as a project space in June of 2017 with an exhibition by Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs, Fotopub uses the space to explore direct dialogue between space, artist and technician (curator) through site-specific installations. While the space does not focus on a specific form of art or presentation, a search for alternative use of exhibition space is present in all exhibited projects, as well as the aspiration for material, energy and financial efficiency in artistic production. In the era when Berghain is becoming an exhibition space and the square foot is the most valued currency, we believe that our project space can be anything - it can offer its square feet to those in need to form a community/collective in the spirit of the collectivist tradition of our history. Fotopub Project Space is a research facility in search of new processes and approaches to exhibition-making in denial of the contemporary-historical artistic traditions and connected excessities striving for the most efficient path from idea to its materialisation.



LA Sunset – Ziemlich angenehmer Zustand
April 3 - May 1 20201
Spatial Installation

Mentorja: Uranjek Vaukman
May 7 - May 28
Group Exhibition
Tadej Vaukman & Roman Uranjek


Leave Group
January 15 - February 12 2021
Group Exhibition
Lina Akif, Hannah Koselj Marušič, Lucija Ostan Vejrup, Lara Papov, Ema Radovan, Iza Štrumbelj Oblak, Lea Topolovec, Eva Žibert; curated by Hana Ožbolt and Dušan Josip Smodej

White House Filled with the Blood of U.S. Citizens
January 20 2021
Andrei Molodkin

December 27 2020 - ongoing
Public Intervention

December 25 2020 - January 15 2021
Dan Perjovschi

Začasno, do nadaljnega
November 27 - December 20 2020
Group Exhibition
Katarina Dekleva, Nuša Jelenec, Janja Kosi, Maruša Račič, Primož Zorko; Curated by Teja Kosi

Young Boy Dancing Group 2020
October 9 2020
Young Boy Dancing Group

Is this it?
October 2 - 12 2020
Solo Exhibition
Asiana Jurca Avci

September 1 - 30 2020
Intermedia Installation cum Scientific Research Facility
Petr Davydtchenko

Jenny from the Block
May 8 - June 13 2020
Group Exhibition
Ed Fornieles, Simon Denny, Jaya Klara Brekke, Rafal Zajko, Harm van den Dorpel, Jure Kastelic, Jonas Lund, Omsk Social Club, Justice Thélot, LightningK0ala; curated by Špela Pipan and Dušan Josip Smodej

Adaptation to the Future
November 8 - December 13 2019
Group Exhibition
Anna-Marie Berdychová, Klára Čermáková, Viktor Dedek, Lenka Glisníková, Linda Hauerová, Vít Jebavý, Filip Kopecký, Denisa Langrová, StonyTellers, Vojtěch Novák, Olbram Pavlíček, David Střeleček, Adam Vít; curated by Edith Jeřábková & Aleksandra Vajd in cooperation with Linda Hauerová, Anetta Mona Chişa and Dušan Josip Smodej

Club of Opportunities Ep. 6: Ten Years Night
September 26 - October 25 2019
Solo Exhibition
Jakub Jansa

Fotopub Collection
July 20 - 27 2019
Group Exhibition
Curated by Dušan Josip Smodej

April 19 - May 3 2019

Solo Exhibition
September 27 - October 27 2018
Anouk Kruithof

On the Other Hand
Solo Exhibition
June 30 - July 27 2017
Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs