OOU Biennial

Inaugural edition: September 2021

OOU Biennial strives to merge the qualities of both a biennial and an art fair to offer an alternative to underfunded ngo exhibition venues or events and overly commercially oriented art fairs. While non-governmental and not-for-profit exhibition venues are commonly the space where new art practices find their visibility, most of the profit of a potential sale misses them and is divided between a gallery and a fair. OOU claims its space in between, in the form of a 100% privately funded biennial that wishes to reintroduce radical artistic gestures as well as concepts of fair trade into the contemporary art market while retaining the playfulness and joy of a late-summer festival.

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EX Fotopub Festival

Fotopub Festival, running since 2001, strived to recognize the qualities of emerging artists and create a space for independent research, experimentation and unconventional curatorial gestures. The festival had since become an established international platform that promotes, stimulates and develops the freshest artistic activity across contemporary arts and cultures, running until the pandemic of 2020.

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