Young Boy Dancing Group
Fotopub Project Space
October 9 8pm
Fotopub is pleased to present a one-time performance by the famed intergalactic performance collective Young Boy Dancing Group. Founded in 2014, YBDG is best known for groundbreaking performances that challenge social norms and expectations.
YBDG’s ”core values persist as a fierce buttress against mainstream culture: somatic exploration, not sexualization; exposure, not exhibitionism; communal release, not bridled isolation; object-identification, not commodification; and DIY, not institutional polish.”
For the first time since May 2019, the group will be staging an experience bearing in mind all the necessary barriers between intimacy and shared experience and performance art in the age of the virus. In Ljubljana at Fotopub’s gas station headquarters, the collective energy of YBDG will be unleashed.
A post-modern Baroque assemblage of flesh and androgynous sexual energy, YBDG’s performances are always singular, unique and site-specific.
Young Boy Dancing Group has made numerous appearances, performing at venues such as the Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin (2019); Tropez Berlin (2019), Ceremonia Festival, Toluca, Mexico (2019); Athens Biennial (2018); Baltic Triennial, Tallinn, Estonia (2018); Creepy Teepee Festival, Kutná Hora, Czech Republic (2018); Norberg Festival, Sweden (2018); Roskilde Festival, Denmark (2017); Yvon Lambert Gallery, Berlin (2017); Lithuanian Pavilion, Venice Biennale (2015); and Silencio, Paris (2014) to name a few.
YBDG 2020 at Fotopub Project Space: Slim Soledad, Julieta Omil, Lilly Pfalzer, Maria Metsalu, Nicolas Roses and Manuel Scheiwiller
The project is supported by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia. The programme of Fotopub Association is co-funded by the City Municipality of Novo Mesto, the City Municipality of Ljubljana and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.