Fotopub Repete: Turborage
The Cool Couple  (IT)

The Cool Couple’s participatory sculpture was inspired by Gianni Rodari’s novel Il Palazzo da Rompere (The Smashing House). Set in Busto Arsizio (a small town in Northern Italy), the novel describes an urban community anguished by the juvenile violence of hyperactive children compelled to smash everything. Fines do not stop the devastation and laws are useless, because the children are indifferent to them. Il Palazzo da Rompere curiously foresaw the advent and success of anger rooms that have been popping up all over the world; the story is also a metaphor for the ways different forms of power absorb even the most violent and irrational forces inside or outside society. The artists reflect on the many limitations to freedom of expression and the control our bodies are subjected to in contemporary society by creating an installation consisting of one or more pillars of soft cement. The public is free to vent on them using a wooden stick or a baseball bat. Given the softness of the material, each pillar bears the marks of the visitors’ actions, thus becoming an abstract sculpture.