Fotopub Repete: Karma Fails
The Cool Couple  (IT)

Today meditation, freed of new age influences and its original pacifist ideology, is often supported by a rhetoric of employability-boosting and mood-hacking, practiced in harmony with the so-called AirSpace aesthetic and the design of Apple products. It has become an effective biopolitical device for keeping a growing percentage of people busy and smiling at life while the world burns around them. Meditation fits the selfish ideology of wellness perfectly; individual productivity and healthy living are status symbols fueled by the trendy branch of wearable tech products. Considering the malleability of meditation that is at a risk of being turned into a systemic weakness, the artists began to “hack” meditation; to create an infinite renewable source of energy and a tool for critical thinking, and turn it into a language that helps focus on and deconstruct the pervasive visual stereotypes of capitalism in the Anthropocene. This activity is promoted and performed through a fake meditation studio called Meditation Is Visualization. By introducing people and art professionals to critical visualizations, the artists try to generate a viral and participatory process of visual analysis in an epoch of emerging visually-driven fascisms.