Please Do Not Take Photographs
Dorotea Škrabo

Before existing as an artist, Dorotea Škrabo existed as a computer and smartphone user. To her, online image production is a gesture, a continuously transforming exchange of inputs between human being and the software. With no finished or fixed result. In her new installation Please Do Not Take Photographs, Škrabo draws upon these premises. The show consists of two main pieces: Let Them Eat Cake is a playful and engaging series of edible photographic prints on cakes, representing “Snaps” of the social network Snapchat, where image-based relationships between individuals are consumed and eaten up within a span of 12 hours; Musée du Lowres, is a replica of the room of the Louvre where the Mona Lisa is exhibited. A screen in a baroque framing displays the artist impersonating Leonardo’s masterpiece. Mobile devices loaded with several images are applied on the surface encouraging visitors to slightly mutate the artwork by swiping through their contents. The work is complete with a series of video snaps displayed on mobile phones, with oversized golden-framed prints of their captions, which ironically subvert the traditional relationship between artwork and information.

The exhibition was produced by Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana in 2017 as part of U30+ Aksioma Institute production programme for supporting young artists, under the mentorship of Janez Janša and Domenico Quaranta.