Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are designed to further clarify what it means to apply for the Fotopub Open Call 2019. They cover the necessary rules and obligations of the applicants throughout the application process and after the application has been successfully submitted. They clarify copyright and further explain the relationship between the applicant and Fotopub Association for Contemporary Culture (herein after Fotopub). If you still have any questions please feel free to contact

  1. To apply for the Fotopub Open Call 2019 you must submit the application through Zealous, which requires you to open a free Zealous account, subject to Zealous Terms of Service found here.
  2. The application to the Fotopub Open Call 2019 is subject to an application fee of 10 GBP.
  3. Only applications submitted through the Zealous platform will be accepted for the Fotopub Open Call 2019. Fotopub will not accept any applications sent directly to Fotopub by mail or email. Late applications will not be accepted.
  4. By submitting the application for the Fotopub Open Call 2019, you confirm that your entry is free of copyright, trademark and patent infringement, and that all the appropriate permissions (regarding the project and the material submitted as part of the application) have been secured for potential use in print, for online use, and in physical exhibitions or events related to Fotopub.
  5. Fotopub expects each submitted application to be credited accurately regardless of who makes the submission. The names and other details of all other individuals and companies or any other relevant crediting must be provided within the application.
  6. By submitting the application for the Fotopub Open Call 2019, you agree that Fotopub is not liable for any copyright or other infringement on the part of the applicant, or parties listed within the application form on Zealous, or on the part of any third party. You agree that Fotopub will not have any liability or responsibility to the applicant for any claim made by you against any third party (or any claim made by another person or entity against you and your application) in connection with the Fotopub Open Call 2019. It is your responsibility to make sure you have the required rights, licences, and/or any other necessary clearance to submit your application.
  7. Once the application is submitted through Zealous and the application deadline has passed, the application will go forward for the judging process and cannot be amended.
  8. If, after submission, the applicant becomes aware that his/her application infringed any of its country-of-origin's laws or voluntary or regulatory codes of practice, the applicant shall immediately contact Fotopub and request the withdrawal of the application from the Fotopub Open Call 2019.
  9. When you successfully submit the application to the Fotopub Open Call 2019 you agree to subscribe to newsletters, marketing or promotional materials from Fotopub sent to the email provided, as part of the application. However, you may opt out and unsubscribe from receiving any, or all, of these communications from Fotopub by following the instructions provided in any email send.
  10. If you are selected to exhibit at Fotopub Festival, you will be invited to further develop your project in cooperation with the Fotopub Curatorial Team for the project to be finally exhibited at Fotopub Festival 2019 in the form of physical presentation.
  11. Fotopub will cover production costs you might have in delivering the bespoke project for the exhibition up to 1000 EUR. In addition to the production costs, Fotopub will cover the accomodation costs of all relevant parties for the time spent in Novo mesto, Slovenia. The production costs will be remunerated in two parts. A prepayment of 30% of the agreed amount will be paid out 30 days before the exhibition opening. The remaining 70% of the production costs will be released up to 60 days after the exhibition closes based on actual costs of production of works and upon a financial report supported with invoices sent to Fotopub, and after the successful completion of the project in the scope, which was predefined and agreed upon with Fotopub.
  12. Selected applicants must consent to Fotopub’s use of images, statements, name, likeness and any other parts of their applications for promotional purposes of Fotopub in any media without further payment or consideration.
  13. Fotopub encourages all selected applicants to be present at Fotopub Festival 2019, however, Fotopub will not cover any travel expenses or per diems.
  14. Fotopub reserves the right to remove any application from Fotopub Festival 2019 for any reason and without notice.
  15. Fotopub reserves the right to change these terms and conditions for any reason and without notice.