On the Edge of Precariousness
Anna Fabrizi, Ambra Iride Sechi, Barbara Kovarik, Greta Langianni, Matteo Orani
Fotocubs Mentorship Programme

Now at its second year, the Fotocubs platform brings together a group of last year’s volunteers who are currently participating in this informal educational program led by the Fotopub Team. Each year, the program invites a group of international art students, providing them with a hands-on experience in festival’s production, followed by a mentored group exhibition project and presented at the festival’s next edition. This year a group of five art students worked around the sense of precariousness underlying individual’s experience in life, starting from labour. A state of suspension, where failure, collapse are likely to happen any second. The artists interpreted the theme from different perspectives, from the personal to the global, using a variety of media, with a specific interest toward features belonging to analogue photography