Fotopub Portfolio Prize 2018
Danilo Milovanović (BA/SI)

The solo exhibition of Fotopub Portfolio Prize Winner 2018 Danilo Milovanović will present several recent works in a research of the relationship between the various phenomena visible in the public space and their exhibiting potential. By showcasing several smaller pieces that were not inherently meant to be displayed in a gallery space or even shown at all, Milovanović explores the transfer of specific details noticeable in the public space into the gallery and the correlation between the two. Even though most of the exhibited works were created in the public space in form of actions-performances with an ecological conceptual background, Milovanović filters out the works’ aesthetic components and exhibits them in the form of fine-art pieces. He is interested in the potential of transferring spontaneous street aesthetics into a conventional gallery setting, though not directly, but through post-production or by intervening into already made works and combining video documentation with physical pieces that were produced during the actions.